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Carrie’s loving heart and compassion for people is the currency that pays the way for her to change so many lives.“We do not grieve as the world because we have hope in Christ Jesus.” 

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Devotional Journal for Women

The journal, Morning Reflections – A Journal for Women, was written to reach all women, especially those who have lost their voices because of life’s challenges. Some of us were so deeply hurt that we didn’t think there was an answer to our situations or circumstances, but there is; the word of God is your safe haven.

As you read the words, scriptures, and prayers, you will use the space provided to write your thoughts in this journal. As you go through this journal, you will experience the light of self-exposure that will lead and guide you into all truth as you read and meditate on the word.
As you continue to read the word, there will be a feeling of intimacy that will come upon you as if God is talking directly to you through His Scriptures.

This is one of the most inspiring, motivational and spiritual journals. I have really enjoyed reading it! I will read it over and over again. It has helped me through some of my toughest times!

Minister Celeste Crocker

Very inspirational and perfect for building or enhancing your relationship with God. Easy to read and comprehend. The chapters are great daily devotionals. Highly recommend!

Krishawn Graham 

A great read and reference book when experiencing life's challenges. This book touched home in so many ways. A must have.

Jermaine Graham 

ALL chapters touched on subjects dear to my heart and areas that needed guidance/direction which I'll definitely utilize Written under auspices of the Holy Spirit!

Sandra Hamilton-Wooten


Biblical devotion & hope

Walk in Peace and Love!

Walk in Peace and Love!

Reach out to someone and tell them that you love them or give someone a hug. Life is too short to hold onto past hurt and pain by being angry. Anger can create a root of bitterness that is not easily removed. Keep God at the center of your life. Cast all your cares...

A Christmas Prayer of Thanks!

A Christmas Prayer of Thanks!

A Christmas Prayer of Thanks! Let’s Pray Together. Father we love you this morning. Thank you for being gracious to us. Thank you for loving us without conditions. Thank you for caring for us. As we are in Christmas season, we pause to acknowledge that Jesus is why we...

Going Through A Storm

Going Through A Storm

Someone is feeling oppressed, sad, and lonely today. You’re feeling like there’s no hope for your situation because everything you have done to make things right is not working. Don’t give up. There’s no way around what’s already spoken through the word of God. In the...